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Children receive gifts, holiday cheer from B.I.G. Love Cancer Care

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A child battling cancer is tough any time. At Christmas it’s especially tough, for both the youngster and the parents.

At Dell Children’s Medical Center, it will be a little easier this holiday, as it is year-round, thanks to B.I.G. Love Cancer Care. A non-profit that delivers love every week, thanks to Chaney and Jessica Phillips who know only too well what folks are going through.

Chaney and Jessica Phillips make their B.I.G. Love Cancer Care deliveries to Dell Children’s every week, rain or shine. First stop this day, to bring wheels to 19-month old Radley, battling Leukemia. Mom and Dad love the groceries and staples that tide them over while they stay at Ronald McDonald House.

“It means we don’t have to go anywhere, we can stay here with him. We know whatever we need for the week we can get it delivered. We don’t have to move a muscle. It’s amazing,” said Radley’s mother, Melissa McChristian.

“I don’t think they realize, I really don’t think they realize the little things that B.I.G. Love is able to do with their charity,” said McChristian.

Radley faces a bone marrow transplant next March.

Next stop, Edmar Paredes, an 18-year old fighting Leukemia.

“They are so awesome, every week they bring you the list, what do you want for the week,” said Paredes.

Paredes’ wish list to B.I.G. Love wasn’t just to himself. He wanted other gifts, for the other kids in the hospital so he can play Santa himself.

“Because I feel I’m so blessed and our family is so blessed that I would like to give back to the other kids. So they brought me a big old bag full of little goodies and stuff, toys for the other kids so I can give to them. So you’re going to go around being Santa yourself? Ha, exactly,” said Paredes.

Paredes faces three and a half years of chemo but is spending Christmas at home, on the family’s 11-acres south of Austin, getting reacquainted with their four horses, four dogs and two miniature donkeys.

Chaney and Jessica began Big Love in Houston, after their five year old daughter Brooke lost her two year battle with cancer. That was eight years ago. Last year, they moved to Dripping Springs, and continued their non-profit giving, inspired still by Brooke’s memory.

“There was one particular child we could hear crying and Brooke was sick this day, she had a very high fever, and she was sitting across from me in my wife’s lap and she said Daddy I would sure like for you to pray for that little baby over there crying. That set the stage for me personally, that man, as much as she’s hurting she’s thinking of other people and that changed our perspective on things,” said Chaney Phillips, “So that taught us to look beyond our own need, and that’s why we started Big Love.”

B.I.G. Love is really “Pay It Forward,” Texas style.

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