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WEB of Stitches

Currently Serving:

  • Dell Children's Medical Center, Austin, TX

Coordinators: Elizabeth Brown and Tammy Bitter

William ‘Ethan’ Brown was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma in April 2007.  His treatments went well and for a time, he was in remission.  After a few months the cancer returned and was more aggressive than before. In November 2008, Ethan passed away.  During every hospital admission while receiving his cancer treatments, Ethan received a pillowcase from his church group.  They brightened his room and brought smiles to his face.  Ethan’s cancer affected his belly as the tumor grew in his stomach.  Regular clothing didn’t fit so I learned to sew pants so he could wear comfortable clothes that didn’t hurt.  Below is a list of hand sewn items that we provide to Texas Children’s patients.  By donating, you can help us create a ‘WEB of Stitches’ that will circle each child with love!

Pillowcases – We aim to provide each child with fun colorful pillowcases during their inpatient stay at Texas Children’s.  We accept all new, standard size pillowcases decorated using tie-die or fabric paint or sewn from fun child friendly fabrics.

Lounge Pants – Regular pants can cut into a child’s waist and for a child on chemo, with an upset stomach or a tumor in the belly, these can be uncomfortable.  Accidents happen to all children, but when a cancer patient gets blood, chemo or other body fluids on their clothing, the clothes must be destroyed - often leaving that child with nothing to wear.  We seek to remedy these problems by providing lounge pants for the children who need them. Therefore, all of our lounge pants have a drawstring waist with no elastic, providing a comfortable, colorful and fun way for children to stay clean and covered.  We accept pant sizes ½ to 10.

IV Shirts – Imagine having to come to the hospital to have your blood drawn through your port or central line, only to have to remove your shirt so the nurses can access your line.  For some, this may be a small concern, for others this makes an uncomfortable situation even more uncomfortable. By making shirts that open at the top, we hope to provide children with a solution to this.

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In loving memory of William Ethan Brown
William Ethan Brown

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WEB of Stitches
1000 pillowcases donated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
WEB of Stitches
350 pants donated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
WEB of Stitches
Example of an IV Shirt