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Providing love and support to cancer kids and their families 52 weeks a year!
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Ambassador Program

The B.I.G. Love ambassador program provides an opportunity for kids who have a personal experience with B.I.G. Love to share their story.

As a B.I.G. Love Ambassador, you will be given great opportunities throughout the year to share your unique story, to increase awareness about childhood cancer and to help promote an incredible cause – B.I.G. Love! You will share this honor with several other ambassadors and receive many enjoyments, unique experiences and opportunities for growth.

You will be given:

Ambassador programs function effectively all across our great country. They serve a very unique purpose. They help the public connect with the non-profit in a very real, genuine and loving way. This is important to us. We want our donors, volunteers and supporters to not only hear the BIG Love story – but see the BIG Love story.

If you are interested in applying to BIG Love's ambassador program, please contact Kellie Runkle @


BIG Love Ambassador Program