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BIG Day of BIG Giving

BIG Day for BIG Giving

We are excited to announce that In honor of Cooper Gartrell, Southeast Fire Protection (SEFP) will be the matching sponsor for the 2021 BIG Day of BIG Giving set for Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021. Southeast Fire Protection will match all donations up to $15,000 during this 24 hours of giving.

October 5th is a great day to register for the Santa Dash Fun Run and have your contribution matched. Cooper Gartrell was diagnosed with cancer at the age of three. His parents, John and Lacey, met B.I.G. Love during their son's cancer journey. For more than 11 years, the Gartrell family has supported B.I.G. Love Cancer Care by donating and volunteering at many of our fundraising events, as well as John serving on the Board of Directors. Southeast Fire Protection has also sponsored and supported B.I.G. Love over the years. On Tuesday, October 5, 2021 B.I.G. Love Cancer Care will host its annual BIG Day of BIG Giving.

Thank You to our 2020 Generous Donors

Jim, Debbie, and Aidan Abney
Florence Alcon
Hillary Amos
Shelby Amos
Andersen Accounting & Advisory PLLC, In honor of Claire Lankford
Angela Aguilar-Barry
Maria Aguilar
Ball Family
BCK: Kitchen and Cocktail Adventures
The Beacom Family
Jodi, David, Reagan, and Brooklyn Beaver
Because Dakota
Paula and Denzel Bencini
Dora and Jon Bloomer
The Dennis and Kim Bonnen Foundation
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Briggs Family
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Sandy Brooks
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Caleb's Lemonade Stand
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CFour Appraisals
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Construction Concepts
Melissa Cooper
Jessica Creamer
Katherine Crockett
Jessica Custodio in honor of The Lovetts
Dakota the Fighter
Mandy Daspit
Michael Davis
Becky Decker
Will, Natalie, and Nathaniel Decker
Double Deckers
Teri Dempsey
Donna Djorovic
Waylon Dowell
Rick and Cara Drenner
Savannah DuBois
Devin Duncan
Shauna Elliot
Telise Ensey, in honor of Troy Lanier in Austin
Rebekah and Joy Farmer
Kenneth Farmer
Ken and Jackie Fischer
Lauren Foltermann
Monique Forman
Brenda Gage
Shine George
Cynthia and Larry Goux
Gregory Granger
Kirk Green
McKenzie Griffith
Kellie Haagensen
Lauren Haines
Lesley Ray Harvey
Elaine Hendrix
Joseph Herman
The Hess Family
Jean Hofschulte
Levi and Logan Holt
Sherri Holt
Laurie Huckabee
Marshall Humphries
IPH Healthcare Services
Bency, Regina, Eva, and Emma Issac
Eva and Emma Issac
John Jamison
Lizette Jasso / The Jasso Family
Karla Jay
Carolyn and Molly Judge
Julie Juneau
Ashley Jung
Darla Keenum
Abigail Korah
Graceson Korah
The Krupp Family
Carla Labay
Jay Labay
Melinda, Kerry, Natalie, and Nathan Lackey
Caitlin Lanier
honoring Claire Lankford
Ginny + Maren Wiley and Traci Leach
Nicole Lebleu
Ledcor Group
Michele Leflamme
Katie Leining
Susan Leining
In honor of Suzanne Scott Lewis
Susie Logan
Meredith Looney
Lisa Mack
Malachi’s Miles of sMiles ~ Happy Birthday, Malachi!
Mandy, Nathan, and Mallory Marek
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Sharon McReynolds
Melendez Family
Suzanne Molina
Caleb Moore
Danielle Morin
Becky Morris
Debbie Nelson
Susie Nguyen
Deborah and Keith Nichols
Brad and Holly O’Neal
Biljana Obrenic
Jeffrey Pachman
Tom and Ann Penvose
Pheba Philip
Alena Phillips
In Loving Memory of Brooke A. Phillips
Roberta Phillips
Sharron Phillips, in memory of Brooke Phillips
Bryn Poland
Stacy Pope
Barbara Pratt, in memory of Joel and Seth Decker
Ericka Pulido
Kerrie and Chris Rafalik
Kelly Rainey
Elizabeth, Reni, and Hannah Raju
Grace Raju
Ridgewood Elementary and Port Neches Elementary
Carri Rodriguez
Jayden and Kenzly Rodriguez
Kristalyn Rodriguez
Kellie, Billy, Justin and Sean Runkle
Robert and Mary Runkle
Donna Russell
Lei Salario
Team Schaefer Girls, in memory of Malachi Schaefer - Happy 15th Birthday to our Buddha Belly!!!
Jennifer Segovia
Shell Matching Gifts
Monette Smith
Mia Spargo
April Sprott
Sherilyn and Sheridan Steele
Kendra Sterner
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Swaggard
Carmen, Phillip, McKenna, and Nolan Swift
McKenna Swift, in memory of: Brooke, Malachi, and Camilla
Pat Taylor
DeeAnn Thigpen
Riley Thomas
Bobby, Smitha, Natalia, Nathan and Ethan Thomas
Wrenlee, Brandon, Drake, and Staci Thomas
Valerie Thompson
McKenzie Tomlinson
Cyndi Tribble
Trinity Klein Lutheran School
Marcia Truskett
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Nelson Varghese
Amber Vrabel
Priscilla Wadley
Kacie Wallace
Sydney Watts
Janice Wittrock
Stephanie Wood and Robert Ragan
Dennis and Debbie Wood
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Yoshie Yano-Pennings
Tony and Lisa Zapoli