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B.I.G. Love Blog

The B.I.G Love Blog

GREAT NEWS BIG Love is an official and active organization now! Our name is B.I.G Love Cancer Care Services. HURRAY! We got all our documents in the mail on Friday. Also, we were asked by TX State Representative Dennis Bonnen to come to the Capitol on Monday, March 26th. They are going to pass a resolution in honor of Brooke´s life and another resolution in honor of B.I.G Love Cancer Care Services. It has been an eventful week one of many, many tears and incredible joy. Princess Brooke and her big love are making history. Concerning our plans for upcoming holidays: We are not going to provide Easter Baskets this year. Both hospitals, ACH and TCH, have plans for Easter already. However, we are going to do Mother´s Day Baskets and Father´s Day Gift Bags. We are so excited about this. Chaney and I have put together a list of things to include in each basket/bag. Mother´s Day Gift Book light, Socks, House shoes, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Bath Scrubber, Pedicure or Manicure set, Lip Balm or Lip gloss, Thank you cards or stationary set, Pens, Journal, Snacks(chips, pretzels, peanuts, cookies, crackers, etc.), Drinks(waters, tea or juice), Coffee mug, Flavored coffee, Flavored powered creamer, Razors, Shaving cream. Put all the Mother´s Day items in a laundry basket. We found that laundry baskets are very practical at the hospital. The Mother´s Day baskets will be due by May 3-4. Father´s Day Gift Mach 3 razor and blades, Shaving cream, $10 in quarters (for vending machines), Key chain flashlight, Cap, Socks, Snacks(chips, pretzels, peanuts, cookies, crackers, etc.) Drinks(waters, tea or juice), Coffee mug, Flavored coffee, Flavored powdered creamer, Sports magazine. Put the Father´s Day items in a large gift bag. The Father´s Day Gift Bags will be due by June 7-8. You can either donate an entire basket/bag, or you can donate some of the various items listed above. Last time, we had a few churches and organizations that volunteered to do several baskets at a time (like Angleton Middle School doing 100 baskets). This is so great. We are going to have a few different drop-off areas this time. However, we are not going to use TCH as a drop-off/collection point. I will let you about the drop-off details later. Just e-mail me at and let me know if you are interested in donating baskets or basket items. We will need 41 Mother´s Day and Father´s Day gift baskets for Arkansas Children´s Hospital Cancer Unit and PICU and at the very least, 36 for Texas Children´s Hospital Cancer Unit. One last thing, we are going to do a fundraiser for BIG Love this Spring .but I need your help. We are going to put together a Cancer Kid Cookbook. We are going to include pictures of cancer kids along with their favorite recipes. However, I also need lots and lots of recipes from you all our Cancer Kid Supporters! Just e-mail me your favorite recipes along with your full name, city and state. Also, if you send a recipe, and you are a cancer parent, please let us know. We would like to include that information in our cookbook as well to honor you and your child. I am so very appreciative to all of you who are standing with us and helping us serve and love other cancer families. You guys are awesome! It means more than I could EVER say. B.I.G Love, Jessica and Family My new e-mail address is: Our BIG Love webpage will be up and running soon( . Thanks to Butch and Kent! Our blog is now ready.