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B.I.G. Love Blog

B.I.G. Love is up and running!

Although, the last six months have at times been unbearable, we have had moments of joy mostly as we have moved forward with BIG Love. We have found that the joy that BIG Love brings comes not only from serving other cancer kids and seeing Brooke in each of their smiles but feeling as if Brooke were with us, that she is proud of us and that we are spending time with her as we reach out to others. It allows us to move forward instead of backwards. Chaney and I are learning to live in the moment and to move forward with thoughts of Brooke that are good and peaceful and joyful. Not an easy task as we have re-evaluated and scrutinized the last few years over and over again trying to fix it trying to make everything better somehow. We have dealt seriously with lots of issues, beliefs, and emotions. And we still struggle daily through sorrow, grief and anger. It is a process for sure nothing that happens quickly. It has been very difficult to try to be "normal" again. Thankfully, my niece, Cassie, moved in with us this past November and she has helped us more than she will ever know. I have told Chaney repeatedly "I think Cassie is saving our lives and she doesn´t even know it." She has not only been my niece she has been my friend. And, because of her many softball games, we have had to get up and GO. At one game, after she hit a homerun way over the fence, I stood and yelled and screamed and clapped and then I realized that I was enjoying the moment. It really felt good for the sorrow to disappear for a second. She has brought us joy and strength I am grateful. Although she is going to graduate this year, I have not ceased in begging and trying to bribe her to stay with us another year! Many of you have asked about my Dad thank you for your prayers and concern. He is out of the nursing home and making small improvements daily to walk and talk again. He wants to get well enough to come to Arkansas to see his "Little Taylor" play some softball. Also, please remember in your prayers the Niedziejko family and the Frisby family. Hunter Niedziejko and Jorden Frisby are now with Brooke in heaven. These two little boys fought long, hard battles with cancer. They will be greatly missed. Before I close, I wanted to give you an update on BIG Love: Our webpage is complete. You can all come visit us now at: It is AWESOME!! I love it. Be sure to check out each page so you can see all the pictures. Some of the kids pictured are still undergoing treatment, some are in remission, and some are with Princess Brooke. Also, check out the photo gallery. We have new pictures from Austin, the Tree Dedication, and Krystil Burney´s SFA softball pitch. Also, don´t forget to sign-up on the website to receive the BIG Love Newsletter. Hopefully, we will mail the first newsletter in June with a copy of the Resolutions that were read at the State Capitol. We have all of our Mother´s Day and Father´s Day Baskets for Texas Children´s Hospital 72 total. Thanks all Brooke´s people we love you and know that the baskets are going to be such a huge blessing to all the Mom´s and Dad´s. And our Cookbook is coming along. I can´t wait to put it all together with the pictures and stories of other cancer kids and their favorite eats! If you have not already, you can send them to my e-mail. We are hoping to have the cookbooks ready by the Fall Brooke´s Incredible Cookbook! Sending BIG Love to you, Jessica Also, Brooke´s dog, Aly, had her puppies. There are four one boy and three girls. We are going to keep the boy. We are naming him JohnBoy!