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A Story of Sacrifice and A Story of the Speedster Princess

I received a call from my Mom yesterday. Her and a friend, Mrs. Betty, have been busy putting together their Mother´s Day Baskets. She called to tell me a very touching story. She went to Mrs. Betty´s house for a visit, and they were discussing the items in their baskets. At the time, Mrs. Betty had some company, a friend of the family, playing cards with her 88 year old husband. This woman listened to them tell of their plans to take the baskets to the Children´s Hospital and listened as my Mom made mention that all she had left to get for her basket was a coffee mug. As the woman got up to leave, she handed my Mom $5. She explained, "This is for that coffee mug." She continued to tell my Mom that a long time ago I had taught two of her children in Sunday School. She asked my Mom to please send to our family her love and prayers. After she left, Mrs. Betty explained to Mom how BIG of a sacrifice her $5 really was. She explained that this woman lives in her car at her place of employment because she cannot afford to pay for gas to get to and from work. Mrs. Betty, Mom and I were so very humbled by this gift, and we all had a good cry together. Thank you Betty´s friend for your sacrifice.

As all of our baskets have been coming in, it has been a joy to see other people so excited and enthusiastic about giving and serving. As I looked through some of the baskets this weekend, I began to get very emotional. I know firsthand what the baskets will mean to the other cancer Mom´s. I remember many days in the hospital where I would just stare out the window and watch as other people were so busy about their lives. I yearned to be where they were on the other side of the hospital walls walking with their children, going to lunch, laughing with friends. They were free their kids were free. I know that when someone came to visit us at the hospital when someone would reach out to us with love and concern it made that moment more bearable. Plus, it made Brooke smile. It didn´t matter how many stuffed animals or coloring books she already had all the gifts, big and small, made her day better happier. I am so grateful for those who served us over the course of our two years and so grateful to those who made my girl SMILE! One particular instance comes to mind one morning around 8 a.m., my sister, Aunt Zelle, comes busting through the hospital door. And in her arms was a brand new Barbie Big Wheel covered in Spiderman (the love of Brooke´s life) stickers. My sister explained "Now Brooke has her own hospital bike." Brooke took off on that Big Wheel and from that day forward, we all took turns chasing Brooke round and round the hospital floor. What was great was to watch Nanny and Granny chase Princess Brooke who was always wearing a princess dress and high heels even on her bike. Brooke would look back over her shoulder and laugh as Granny and Nanny would try to catch up with her. Her little mischievous eyes were sending only one message "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN." Pretty soon, even the nurses were chasing her, fearing somehow that her IV pole would get left behind by the Speedster Princess. As Brooke flew past her doctors, the doctors would yell to the nurses, "What are Brooke´s platlets today?" From our room, I could hear Granny and Nanny yelling, "Help somebody help." I would watch as Brooke would round the corner and pass our room she would look in at me with a little smirk on her face I looked back at her with much approval (don´t tell the grandma´s it was just too funny). Next, I would see the Grandmas come running by our room screaming and yelling for help. Brooke went round and round until she wore each of us out sometimes, we even recruited others to take Speedster Brooke for a few more high intensity laps. I absolutely love this memory and can see it so vividly in my mind and it still makes me laugh. Our family in Texas will be delivering Mother´s Day Baskets to TCH on Saturday, May 12th, and Chaney, Taylor and I will be delivering the AR baskets on Mother´s Day Sunday, May 13th. We reached our goal 41 baskets in AR and 36 baskets for Texas! Again, thanks to all who participated, and a special thanks to Janice Murphy, Marshall and Sandy Sharp and Cross Life Church, April Madding and West Side Baptist Church,Debbie Arnold, Rita Benton and Lisbon Methodist Church who rounded up LARGE numbers of AR baskets!! Thank you! I certainly could not have done this without you!

You can deliver your baskets this Thursday and Friday (May 3-4). If you need more time, just e-mail me, and we will make other arrangements for drop-off. Just a reminder please include all the items that are on the list. We would really like for all the baskets to be about the same. If you are in AR you can drop-off the baskets to any of the above listed people or myself. If you are in TX, please deliver your baskets to Granny Sharron Phillips or Tom @ West End Baptist Church, Houston, TX. Please call before you come. (Please see our webpage for drop-off addresses and phone numbers). Also, I am going to continue receiving recipes until May 30th. If you need a recipe form, you can print one from our webpage. It is a joy serving with you