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Mother's Day at the Hospitals

We delivered all of our Mother´s Day baskets this weekend to Arkansas Children´s and Texas Children´s Hospitals a total of 86 baskets. Each basket was so nice ranging in price from $50 to $100. I started to add this up and realized that we delivered over $4300 in Mother´s Day donations. WOW! Thank you so much to those who put together a basket and to those who helped to deliver them. It was such a blessing and a pleasure to see how surprised and overjoyed the Mom´s were to receive a basket full of goodies. One Mom couldn´t believe that the whole basket was for her, and several Mom´s came and found us to thank us again for thinking of them. One Dad tried to take the credit for the basket telling his wife it was from him haha. There were many tears and lots of hugs. I hope it made Mother´s Day weekend a little brighter and a little better!

Our next project is Father´s Day gifts. We are going to have Dad´s(from our family and friends) deliver the gifts to the hospitals this time, and Representative Dennis Bonnen has agreed to join the group as well. I hope this little act of kindness will bring a measure of strength to all the PICU and Cancer Kid Dad´s this Father´s Day. Let me know if you are interested in putting together a Father´s Day gift ( The items to include in your gift bag are listed below. Please include at least one of each item listed and put them all in a large gift bag and deliver by June 7th or 8th. Delivery locations are listed on our website: Items to include: Razors and shaving cream, $10 in quarters (for vending machines), Key chain flashlight, Cap, Socks, Snacks(chips, pretzels, peanuts, cookies, crackers, gum, etc.) Drinks(waters, tea or juice), Insulated Cup with lid, Flavored coffee, Flavored powdered creamer, Sports magazine.

Thank you so much. I can tell you firsthand that these small things done with great love mean so much when you are hospital-bound when you are weary and battle-worn. I remember one evening in the hospital when Brooke was really, really sick. For seven days, she had extremely high fevers up to 105. Her lungs were very sick she was hurting, and she wanted to stay in my lap all the time almost 24 hours a day. It was about 11:30 p.m. one evening, and I had just laid Brooke down in her bed and in my room walks two of my friends. They didn´t say a word they took me in their arms and held me, hugged me, and cried with me. I sobbed and sobbed. At that moment that was all I needed. When parents have a cancer kid they are literally fighting as in a war every single day. Not only are they fighting hard against the sickness with everything humanly possible but they are also fighting against fear, anxiety, and exhaustion. Each day, you anticipate and hold your breath as the nurse brings in the daily blood work results. You are desperate for hope and look for ANY sign of it whether big or small. Sometimes, just a smile from the nurse or doctor would be all I needed to move with hope through that day. Each minute felt like an hour, and each day felt like a year! Waiting hoping believing! This explains the very reason why we want to do what we do through BIG Love. Although our gifts, hugs and smiles may seem so small, I know it also delivers something BIG HOPE and JOY and LOVE. Our vision statement for BIG Love says: BIG Love to renew your hope, make you smile and love you up! What a privilege to get to do so!

Love you guys,Jessica If you are interested in receiving our quarterly newsletter, you can e-mail me with your address or sign-up on our webpage. The newsletter will feature different cancer kids each quarter along with all the BIG Love news and events. Thanks!