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B.I.G. Love Blog

June Newsletter and Monthly Pledges

Dear Family and Friends, In July of 2003, we visited a children´s medical clinic in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. While long lines of parents and children waited outside the clinic doors, the most critically ill children, with gross deformities, life-threatening sores and terrible illnesses, were taken into the humid and hot clinic room for medical treatment. Baby beds and cribs lined the walls as well as the center of the room. As a group, we made our way to each bed to offer food, drinks, prayers and hugs. Sorrow gripped our hearts as parents looked at us in desperation hoping for help and an answer. We offered them what we had wishing we could do more. When we exited the building, we wept uncontrollably feeling the pain and suffering of those in that small room. Exactly one year and two months later, as we were about to begin our journey into the area of missions, we, ourselves, came face-to-face with desperation and suffering when our three year old daughter, Brooke Alyson, was diagnosed with the rarest and most aggressive form of childhood leukemia. Many nights, as I lay in the hospital bed with my sweet girl, I thought about the moms at that Honduran medical clinic. I remembered vividly the look in their eyes, and the many tears that ran down their face. I wanted desperately to reach for them for now, we fought the same enemy death. We now shared the same fears. We now knew firsthand, as they did, the intense pain of watching your child hurt and suffer feeling helpless and desperate. We will never fully understand on this side of heaven why our precious little girl had to leave this life. However, we do understand that although short, her life had purpose and will continue to have purpose as we carry on her legacy of love. Now, as we look at the faces of other cancer kids with their bright eyes, big smiles, bald heads, and many, many battle wounds we will not only see our sweet Brooke, but we will see our purpose. We are asking you, our family and our friends, to help us extend BIG Love to kids like Brooke who spend numerous years at a hospital and much of their childhood fighting a terrible and relentless enemy. It is our goal to begin serving cancer kids and their families right now by providing catered meals, groceries and a basket of basic hospital essentials. To begin doing this, we will need an approximate monthly income of $3000. We are beginning a monthly pledge drive. If you agree to support BIG Love on a monthly basis, we will send you a BIG Love t-shirt and monthly envelopes to begin your giving. Just call 870-863-4490 or e-mail me at Don´t forget to send your address (so I can mail you a BIG Love t-shirt. Also send your t-shirt size) and your pledge amount ($10, $20, $30, $50, etc.). THANK YOU! Also, most of our BIG Love fundraising items are now available. Just call or e-mail your order.Prices do NOT include shipping. BIG Love T-shirts - $12 (purple, turquoise or brown). Silver Bangle Bracelets with Mother Teresa Quote - $12 Monogrammed "I Love You Up To The Sky" Fleece Blankets (50"x60") - $30(Hot Pink, Baby Blue, Turquoise, Lime Green,Orange, or soft Purple). Our Cookbooks will be ready by November just in time for Christmas gifts. Over 400 delicious recipes featuring many of our cancer kid Heroes!! The expected price is between $20-25.We love you guys Jessica and family