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Extended Deadline for Hope of Heaven Conference...

You have until September 22nd to register for the Hope of Heaven Conference. Register at: We have over 150 people registered so far...get all the details on the previous post. Don Piper, Author of "90 Minutes in Heaven" - Friday Speaker Musical Guests: Anita Kruse (pianist) and Jennifer Keenly (flutist) - "Purple Songs Can Fly" Pastor Mike Mille - New Orleans, LA - Saturday Speaker Musical Guests - Kent Phillips (pianist) and Jason Phelps (guitarist) BreakoutRooms from 1-4 pm on Saturday Room 1: Pastoral Support and Prayer Room 2: Bereaved Parents Support and Paryer Room 3: Cancer Support and Prayer Room 4: Grief Support Services We would love to have you join us! $50 for two people to attend the entire conference (includes one room at the Sugar Land Marriott). See you soon, Jessica Phillips - B.I.G. Love Cancer Care