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Urgent Request!!

Dear Friends,
I know you have probably been asked to vote for different things at various times...I know I have. And you think, I don't have time right now. About two months ago, I submitted a grant to Pepsi Cola in their Refresh Everything contest - and as of Friday, I have been notified that BIG Love has been accepted to compete.

Now, the rest is up to us. We are competing against 300ish other organizations (from Animal shelters to school programs) for the top votes. Yesterday, we were ranked in 189th place…today we are in 106th place. We had great success in just one day. Join our BIG Love family in keeping the votes coming each day!! 

BIG Love will use the money to provide weekly groceries to cancer kids and their families.

Just last week, after delivering groceries to one of our teenage cancer patients, we were overwhelmed with the purpose of what we do. This young lady emptied all the contents of her Wal-Mart bags onto her hospital bed until everything was encircling her. As she looked at all her goodies...she started to sob. This family, due to pressing medical expenses, had been unable to afford simple things for their daughter. They were so grateful. Grateful for Oreo Cookies and potato chips!!

Another Mom, last week, told one of our volunteers with tears streaming down her face, "BIG Love is faithful. Always here for us. Here for us when everyone else has quit calling and quit caring. BIG Love is my constant." Each week, in Arkansas and Texas, BIG Love is making a difference.

We need your help to continue this service. Simply go to the website listed below and click the button that says vote for this idea. Follow the simple instructions that follow. It should take you under a minute to complete.

{Link no longer active}

After your initial vote, I ask you to post a "reminder" to your electronic calendar reminding you to vote for BIG Love each day through the month of May. And I ask you, to post this message to your Carepage, facebook and send to your email contacts.

If we win, this would have been the easiest and most cost effective fundraiser we will ever do!!