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Papa Bert meets Brooke


Bert Gray Phillips Jr. was born on October 19, 1939 in Angleton, TX. On Monday, February 21, 2011, he passed away at his beautiful home in Angleton. He was one of four children of Bert Gray Phillips Sr. and Elsie Marie Borskey Phillips. Bert was preceded in death by his parents, brother George Wayne Phillips and his five year old granddaughter, Brooke Alyson Phillips.


Survivors include his wife of 52 years, Sharron, two siblings, Millie Wafer and husband Arnold and Elsie Green and husband Vernon, and his four children: son Chad Phillips and wife, Alena, daughter Charlotte McIlnay and husband Cap McIlnay, son Chace Phillips and wife Michelle, and son Chaney Phillips and wife Jessica. Bert, aka Papa Bert, is survived by 13 incredible and loving grandchildren: Amanda Lowells, Kent Phillips and wife Roberta, Gabriel Mayes and wife Debbie, Nick Slaughter and wife Lyndie, Keith Phillips, Natalie Molock and husband JJ, Rachel Janini and husband Cole, McKenzie Mirabal, Brittney Phillips, Kyle Phillips, Brent Slaughter, Bryce Phillips, and Taylor Phillips. He was also blessed with nine great grandchildren: Kaleigh, Devlin, Lily, Gracen, Ivy, Caleb, Josiah, Kadon, and Darby. Nieces and nephews include: Kirk Green and wife Leesa, Chris Green and wife Peni, Philip Green and wife Elissa, Gina Cash and Ralph, Lisa Urbani and husband Peter.


There were three things of great importance to Papa Bert: his passion for his antique cars, his great love for his family, and his deep commitment and love for God. Bert was a master mechanic, a one-of-a-kind craftsman in every sense of the word. Starting with piles of rust and rubble, Bert would work patiently and diligently for years until finally a masterpiece was completed. And because of this, he won dozens and dozens of awards for his restored antique cars. Papa Bert may have biologically had only 13 grandkids, but honestly, every person he knew became one of his own. He loved people consistently by giving them his time, his talents (repairing everyone's vehicle in town), and his resources. Bert loved through his labor, and he gave it freely, All the parties, all the holidays, and all the major events were held at Papa's house. He dug huge ponds so the kids could swim...and a two-level deck for diving. And if that wasn't fun enough, he purchased a paddle boat and golf carts and even designed a zip line that stretched the length of the pond. Most importantly, in 1962, he gave his life to the Lord. With a heart determined to follow Christ fully, he packed up his family and headed to a Elim Bible College in Lima, New York to serve the ministry in any capacity. From this day forward, Bert served the Lord faithfully and encouraged many others to join with him. He was a faithful member of Angleton First Church for 24 years. With all his many accomplishments and accolades, none, however, brought him more joy then knowing all of his children and grandchildren joined him in his love for the Lord.


The family, and Granny Sharron, asks that in lieu of flowers, donations may be made to B.I.G. Love Cancer Care Services. This foundation was established in memory of Bert's granddaughter, Brooke, to help other cancer kids and their families during cancer treatment. Donations can be made online at or sent to: PO Box 23606, Little Rock, AR 71112-3606. Make checks payable to: BIG Love Cancer Care. Notifications will be sent to the family.


And like Papa Bert said to Brooke during her last few moments on this side of heaven, “Brookie, I'll meet you soon in the tree house in the sky.” She welcomed you home, Papa Bert. We love you up to the sky!