COVID 19 Response - #LoveBIG
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COVID 19 Response - #LoveBIG

COVID 19 Response

From day one of Covid19, BIG Love Cancer Care made an important decision to embrace this challenge head on! We have responded immediately and creatively to help our community! We have worked closely with all our hospital partners and created 10 new programs.

From homebound grocery deliveries, virtual music therapy/lessons, high school scholarships, hot meals delivered to homes, weekly e-gift cards, and virtual chatbooks for moms, BIG Love has been flexible, innovative, and ready to support our families in any way possible. We have partnered with local restaurants, purchased unique items from our business partners, and right now, we are exploring teletherapy!

One of our most important new programs is our Grocery Delivery Program for Homebound families. Social workers identify families that are unable to access needed food and supplies either due to location, job loss or extreme quarantine requirements. These families send BIG Love a list of all the items they need. Families are requesting non-perishable food, detergent, cleaning supplies, drinks, etc. BIG Love shipped over 120 homebound requests to families in the last month! We recently received an email from one of our cancer moms after a homebound delivery. She said, "As long as there are organizations like you, I will be grateful for life. Thank you for always being there when I need you and for being my guardian angels."

BIG Love Cancer Care is working diligently to "SEE" the needs around us! On Saturday, May 2nd, our BIG Love Team, visited the hardest hit neighborhoods in Onalaska, TX to distribute lunch, cleaning supplies, pet food, and mosquito spray to the victims of the F3 tornado that hit on Wednesday April 22nd. BIG Love has supporters, volunteers and cancer families that live in this area.

On May 5th BIG Love catered lunch for some of our frontline First Responders and Fire Departments in Austin!

On April 19th, we hosted our First Virtual Run in which 20 states across our nation participated. It was a great success.

For Nurse Appreciation Week, we purchased special shirts for Nurses at all six hospitals that say, “NURSES 2020 – The One Where Superheroes Saved the World.”

We are here – we see you!