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Easing the Childhood Cancer Journey
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The Legacy Group (Monthly Donors)

By being a monthly donor you are ensuring that weekly wish lists are fulfilled, hospital snack carts are bountiful with food for families, and that we can continue spreading Brooke's mission of sharing her Incredible Gift of BIG Love. Each and every monthly monetary commitment makes a difference in a pediatric cancer patients' life.

Simply choose the amount you would like to donate every month and click which hospital you would like your donation to be directed to. You will be taken to our secure form to complete the transaction.

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H-Town Heroes (MDA)

Supporting Cancer Kids and their Families at The University of Texas, MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital (Houston, TX)

Thank you H-Town Heroes!

  • Advanced Auto Tech in honor of Tracy Vermillion
  • Marlo Bear in honor of Serena Bear
  • Melissa Cooksey
  • B.K. Gage
  • John Gartrell in honor of Cooper Gartrell
  • Chris and Peni Green
  • Robin Haidacher in memory of Caroline Green
  • Luke Jamison in memory of Susie Goodman
  • Michelle Jones in memory of Aidan McSpadden
  • Lori Marasigan in memory of Brooke Phillips
  • John and Julie Mathew in memory of Jeremy Mathew
  • Bev and John McMeen
  • Kelli and Jared McSpadden in memory of Aidan McSpadden
  • Brittany Pitlik in honor of Donna and Delores
  • Melissa Rawls in honor of Alacia Wile
  • Joshua Rogers in honor of Rachel Rogers
  • Billy and Kellie Runkle in honor of Justin Runkle
  • Jordan and Darlene Sutton
  • Bob and Christine Tate in honor of Shelby Tate
  • Ginny Wiley in memory of Joel Decker
  • Jennifer Young in memory of Aidan McSpadden

League of Heroes (TCH)

Supporting Cancer Kids and their Families at Texas Children's Hospital (Houston, Katy and The Woodlands)

Thank you League of Heroes!

  • Jim and Debbie Abney
  • Advanced Auto Tech in memory of Tracy Vermillion
  • Angleton First Church
  • Martha Araujo-Barrera in honor of Kira Stanley
  • Jennifer Averett
  • Stephanie Bakewell
  • Ana Hargrove Baskharone
  • Texas State Representative Dennis and Kim Bonnen
  • Fleceia Comeaux
  • Amy Cross
  • Carmen Cruz in memory of Camilla Duarte
  • Joy Farmer
  • Lisa Flaxmayer in memory of Athena Sickles
  • Jesse and Cassie Ford
  • Mitchell and Robyn Ford
  • B.K. Gage
  • Maria Gonzalez
  • Robin Haidacher
  • Cole and Rachel Janini
  • Jeremy and Karla Jay
  • Linley and Rodney Kowis in memory of Dakota Thomas
  • Susan Leining
  • Adela Mascorro
  • Melissa Mathis
  • Cap and Charlotte McIlnay
  • Yulia Merchant in honor of Glebushka and Malachi
  • Silvia Michel
  • Laurel Milentz
  • Daniel Molina
  • Alex Moreno
  • Julie Morgan
  • Wayne Muller
  • Sharon and Al Peck
  • Beth Quintanilla
  • Joe and Rebecca Ragland
  • Cara Simon
  • Monette Smith
  • Stef Stoner in memory of Brookie
  • Philip and Carmen Swift
  • Tajams Marble & Granite
  • Debbie Thompson
  • Cathy A. Tiner in memory of Stephen Smith
  • Paul Ursta
  • Randy and Sharlyn Wagner

Heart of Texas League (DCMC)

Supporting Cancer Kids and their Families at Dell Children's Medical Center (Austin, TX)

Thank you Heart of Texas League!

  • Jarod and Jenny Carter
  • Kathleen Dyre and Bruce Eldridge
  • Mitch and Robin Ford
  • Rafe Jackson
  • Sheri Petzolt
  • Chaney and Jessica Phillips
  • Sheryl Sage
  • Julie Soskolne
  • Wanda Torres
  • Dana Young

The Alamo City Society (MCH)

Supporting Cancer Kids and their Families at Methodist Children's Hospital (San Antonio, TX)

Thank you Alamo City Society!

  • Kimberly Broussard
  • Melissa Davis
  • Pamela Medrano

Brooke's Incredible Group

Your $19 monthly donation Supports Cancer Kids and their Families at all 6 Hospitals!

Thank you BIG!

  • Jim and Debbie Abney
  • Sarah Antenora, In honor of my sweet daughter Elena 
  • Martha Araujo-Barrera, In honor of Kira Stanley
  • Jerry & Lea Ann Boswell, In memory of Paige Lejeune
  • Brenda Bredhoeft, In memory of Paige Lejeune
  • The Brown's - Roderick, Tanya & Kaia
  • Ronnie and Pamela Clegg
  • The Clevenger Family
  • The Crawford Clan
  • Becky Decker, In memory of Joel and Seth Decker
  • Patricia Derrickson
  • Elisha Dorsett, In honor of KK Dorsett
  • Terrie Doyle, In memory of Paige Lejeune
  • Betsy Farkas
  • Tricia Fawehinmi 
  • Bill and Marilyn Frazier
  • Natalie Fruge, In memory of Raywood and Willene LeMaire
  • Marty and Jill Gibson
  • Granny Sharron, In memory of Brooke Phillips
  • Michael Sr. and Melanie Hall
  • "Gramoo" Elaine Hendrix, In memory of my amazing granddaughter, Paige Madison Lejeune
  • Pattie Huey
  • Shannon Jackson
  • Michelle Jones, In memory of Aidan McSpadden
  • Dr. Alana Kennedy-Nasser
  • LaekynStrong 
  • The Lejeune Family
  • Lou Lindsey, In memory of Austyn Halter
  • Tonia Lockard, In memory of Austyn Halter
  • Suzelle Martin, In memory of Brooke Alyson Phillips
  • Master 1 Construction 
  • The Mayes Team
  • Jack McGuff
  • Mary Kay Milligan, In honor of Joel and Seth Decker
  • Garrett Myer
  • Shenna Page
  • Team Paige
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pelosi
  • Barbara Perkins, In memory of Savannah Alene Jackson
  • Chris and Erika Pesek
  • Taylor and Trust Phillips
  • Callie Platzer
  • Rachel Rogers
  • Billy and Kellie Runkle
  • Sheryl Sage, In honor of Terry Budreau
  • Jordan Seff
  • Aleta Belle Smallwood and Family
  • Monette "Cookie" Smith, In memory of Brooke Alyson Phillips
  • Mia Spargo
  • Katie Sternberg
  • Catalina Suarez-Moss
  • Christie Wafford, In memory of Brooke Girl
  • Ryan & AJ Wagner, In honor of Hunter Wagner
  • Stephanie Wood