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Providing love and support to cancer kids and their families 52 weeks a year!
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Universal Programs and Highlights

L.I.F.T. Program

LIFT Houston - Love in Fragile Times

L.I.F.T. (Love in Fragile Times)

Serves Houston childhood oncology patients and families in crisis by meeting a need to reduce their stress or lift their spirits

Houston: Jessica Creamer

Austin/San Antonio: Pamela Medrano

Annual Scholarships

Natalia Lopez

Elephants Never Forget Annual Scholarships

Melissa Lopez

In loving memory of Natalia Lopez

B.I.G. Love Ambassador Program

BIG Love Ambassadors

Ambassadors are chosen and given opportunity throughout the year to share their unique story, to increase awareness about childhood cancer and to help promote an incredible cause – B.I.G. Love!

Kellie Runkle

Ya-Ya Moms Group and Grief Support Services

Ya-Ya Moms Group and Grief Support Services

Ya-Ya Moms is B.I.G. Love’s group for bereaved moms. Our goal is to offer compassion, support, validation and friendship to moms who have lost a child to childhood cancer. We hope to establish friendships that will help us survive and thrive as we navigate life after the loss of our precious children.