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Limited Edition Legacy Candle Collection

Inspired by the bravery and fierce determination of some INCREDIBLE children, our B.I.G. Love Legacy Candles allow us to continue shining the lights of these beautiful souls. Design elements for each candle were thoughtfully and lovingly chosen by the children’s mothers, resulting in some of the most special candles ever created.

Now available to order, Legacy Candles will be offered for a limited time only. Don’t miss out on this chance to fill your home with some amazing scents and help cancer families at the same time!

*Candles are hand-poured into 10-ounce glass keepsake jars and can be repurposed as desired. 45-50 hours burn time.

$22.00 each

Add the quantities of each scent you want and then click "Place Candle Order" at the bottom of the page.

* Please allow 2-3 weeks for candle delivery. *

Legacy Candle: Brooke

Legacy Candle Scent: Brooke

Scent: Raspberry Vanilla


Legacy Candle: Charles

Legacy Candle Scent: Charles

Scent: Sandalwood & Orange Spice


Legacy Candle: Jeremy

Legacy Candle Scent: Jeremy

Scent: Mulberry Vanilla


Legacy Candle: Joel • Seth

Legacy Candle Scent: Joel • Seth

Scent: Chocolate Cupcake


Legacy Candle: Malachi

Legacy Candle Scent: Malachi

Scent: Coconut Lime


Legacy Candle: Natalia

Legacy Candle Scent: Natalia

Scent: Fresh Ocean


Legacy Candle: Paige

Legacy Candle Scent: Paige

Scent: Buttercream Cupcake


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