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Easing the Childhood Cancer Journey
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Clinic Toy Closet

Currently Serving:

  • Dell Children's Medical Center - Austin, TX
  • Methodist Children's Hospital - San Antonio, TX
  • MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital - Houston, TX
  • Texas Children's Hospital - Houston, TX
  • Texas Children's Hospital - Katy, TX
  • Texas Children's Hospital - The Woodlands, TX

Coordinators: Jessica Creamer + Susan Leining (Houston), Sarah Mendoza (Austin), Jenna Painter (San Antonio)

B.I.G. Love provides toys on a weekly basis for the cancer clinic at all 6 hospitals we serve. Serving approximately over 1,000 children and teens each month. After procedures, pokes, radiation, and bell ringing cancer kids at the clinic get to take a trip to the B.I.G. Love toy closets and pick out a special surprise. Our Toy Project has brought to the children and teens at the cancer clinic many smiles and much joy.

Conduct a toy drive

Collect toys $5.00 and under, e-mail Toy Drive Coordinator, Susan Leining (Houston) when your Toy Drive is complete.

Toy Drive

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Toy closet

Easton's mom wrote to us saying,

B.I.G. Love Cancer Care has been there for us all along the way -throughout countless surgeries, procedures and hospital stays. They have brought hope to us even in the darkest of days. BIG Love gives Easton a reason to smile when he's feeling weak and sick in the hospital. They help ease the financial burden for families at the hospital and provide the children toys to occupy their time when they are isolated. We are so thankful for the prayers and assistance offered by BIG Love.

Contact information:

Susan Leining - Toy Drive Coordinator – Houston -

Jessica Creamer - Houston -

Sarah Mendoza - Austin -

Clinic Toy Closet