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COVID 19 Virtual Run - Crushing Coronavirus in April

B.I.G. Love invites you to join us for a Virtual Run in Houston, Austin, all of Texas, Arkansas, Arizona or anywhere you run or walk.

#InThisTogether ~ Running for B.I.G. Love

Virtual Run is open through May 1st

(or any day of your choosing and any distance)

We are inviting all runners, walkers, bikers, skateboarders, dog walkers, donut dashers across Texas, Arkansas, Arizona and beyond to participate in a virtual run event to "escape quarantine" with your family to show your united support for hematology and oncology kids and their families during this unprecedented time.

3 Easy Steps to participate in this Virtual Run

  1. Simply register below. Print your bibs from your registration confirmation email. (your kids can color and decorate).
  2. Run, walk, bike or crawl anytime from April 19th - May 1st (or any day of your choosing and any distance).
  3. Decorate your bib, decorate your bike! Share your pictures with us on social media.

We will overcome COVID19 together – #InThisTogether 


Jim and Debbie Abney
Florence Alcon
Scarlet Arce
Jennifer Averett
Paula Bencini
Susan Bennett
Yvette Duronslet-Berard
Stefanie Berger
Sandra Berry
Becky Bethscheider
Tammy Bitter
Kristel Blackwell
Amanda Blair
Dr. Julienne Brackett
Patti Bradley
Nicole and Todd Brin
Mr. and Mrs. James Broussard
Roderick Brown
Matt Campbell
Camelia Cannary
DeAnna CarterSmith ~ Faith & Healing Vet Health
Naty Chaimowitz and family
Lorien Chapin
Shelby Charbula
Suzanne Clevenger
Dr. Shannon Conneely
Mia Cradeur
Karen Craxton
Jessica and John Creamer
Heather Creighton
Katie Crockett
David Culbertson
April Custodio
Hilda Dailey
Deborah Dearmas
Becky Decker
Will and Natalie Decker
Patricia Derrickson
Jennifer Doebele
Cynthia Donaldson
Lachelle Dougherty
Cynthia Durham
Gregory and Jeanicia Elder
Shannon Ennis
Randy Ervin
Annette Estrella
Marcela Evans
Darlene Faires
Betsy Farkas and family
Joy Farmer
Rebekah Farmer
Carie Fletcher
Ricardo Flores
Sara Flowers
Cassie Ford
Robyn Ford
B.K. Gage
Kevin Galloway
Derek Galyen
Francisco Garcia
Rebecca Garza
Josette Glaze
Jackie Gotcher
Michele Graves
Janice Green
Peni and Chris Green
Robin Guimbellot
Sylvia Gutierrez
Anna Guzman
Kaylee Harman
Carolyn Harmon
Norita Hausenfluck
Julie Hayes
Brittany Hebert ~ Sky High for Kids
Faustina Herrera
Brigitt Hewitt
Jean Hofschulte
Kelli Hohnstreiter
Amy Holland
Lucy Hopwood
Shannon Jackson
John Jamison
Rachel Janini
Arnie Jimenez
Brandilyn Johnson
Don Johnson
Lindsay Johnson
Carolyn Judge
Just DaniRose
Donna Keefover
Kevin and Lisa Keeling
David Keller
Marcus and Bonnie Kerry
Heather Khassian
Kori King
Linley and Rodney Kowis
Scott Kujak
Melinda Lackey and family
Elisabeth Lang
Eva Layton
Brian Leining
Katie Leining
Susan Leining and family
Amy Lejeune and family
Dorothy Lindsey
Tyler Linkhart
Neli Llangari
Susie Logan and family
Cecilia Lopez
Melissa Lopez
David and Jessica Lovett
Angela Maniha
Paul Martin
Suzelle Martin
Alex Massey
Julie and John Mathew
The Mayes Team LLC
Megan McGraw
Richard and Charlotte McIlnay
Elizabeth McKernan
Bev McMeen
Elsa Medina
Pamela Medrano and family
Sarah Mendoza
Courtney Mogford
Douglas Moore
Teresa Mudrow
Kim Mueck
Eric Muller
Marcie Munoz and family
Stephanie Munson and family
Judy Murff
Lauren Myers
Terry Myren
Cliff Nevins
Martin and Michelle Niedziejko
Ronald Norfolk
Ashley Nowell
Kelli Nugent
Christina Osterlund
Lisa Otto
Deborah Parrott
Olivia Pham
Jessica Phillips and family
Kent and Roberta Phillips
Gay Porter
Jill Raley
Dayna Rankin
Jill Reioux
Vickie Rhodes ~ Toole & Co
Lori Rickert
Shari Rickert
Heather Rimato-Morrison
Genna Riu
Kim Roberts
Avenley Rose
Julie Ross
Crystal Rotondi
Bob and Mary Runkle
Kellie and Billy Runkle
Tammy Sais
Wendy Sauceda and family
Patty Saxon
Sara Saxon
Kerri and Ben Schaefer ~ Malachi’s Miles of sMiles
Dr. Lauren Scherer
Savannah Schmidt
Laura Sealy
Jennifer Segovia
Omar Shakeel
Jessica Shannon
Anthony Siebers
Robert Simental
Justin Simpson
Erika Smith
Monette Smith
Michael Soileau
Mia Spargo
Dr. David Steffin
Suzanne Stone ~ Livestrong
Michelle Suydam
Tammy Tackett
Patrina Thomas
Michael Tomlinson
Liza Valverde
Janet Valverde-Isassi
Kathy Vesevick
Stefanie Vincent
Laura Vogel
Pon Vongsombath
Amber Vrabel
Traci Wadie
Christie Wafford and family
Beth Wenner and family
Twila Westphal
Ann Whorton
Ginny Wiley
Rita and CiCi Willoughby
Michael Wilson
Mary Wiseman
Rebecca Wittrock
Dr. Katharina Wohlan
Monica and Kevin Wood
Stephanie Wood
Jennifer Ziegler